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Manufacturing Cost Estimating Software

Estimate the manufacturing cost of the semi-finished item and finished product with advanced prediction engine.

Manufacturing cost estimating software provides insightful data to manufacturing suppliers and firms to effectively estimate the profitability of products with required semi-finished items and raw materials at a given time. With its advanced prediction and notification engine, it notifies suppliers upfront of loss-making items and products.

MyFoodDiary - Diet & Nutrition Specialist

Live a healthy lifestyle.

Take control of your goals. Track calories, breakdown ingredients, and log activities with MyFoodDiary.

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TinkerSale - Classified Ads Ecommerce Marketplace Mobile App

A social eCommerce marketplace portal which provides a platform to home-based sellers.

Best social classified ads mobile app where one can buy & sell pre-loved items. With advanced AI functionalities and location-aware behaviour, the app offers a simple yet engaging design.

BuyJama - Fashion Ecommerce Mobile App

#1 Influencer-led multi-branded fashion eCommerce mobile app in Sri Lanka.

Buyjama is the first influencer-led multi-branded fashion eCommerce portal in Sri Lanka. The app offers an advanced context-based searching, wallet, AI-based image correction and optimization and many other complex features.

WaterBee - Smart Water Monitoring Software

IoT based smart water monitoring system with billing, invoicing, alerts and advanced water wastage monitoring features designed for apartment.

WaterBee provides meaningful insights into water wastage and detailed report of water consumption with a series of visuals graphically. With an advanced recommendation and alerting mechanism, the system notifies apartment committee members and flat owners of possible water savings.