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Manufacturing Cost Estimating & Inventory Software Development in India

Crossplatform manufacturing cost estimating & inventory software designed and developed for Mac, Windows & Ubuntu systems. The software provides datadriven analytics. It alerts the business about lossmaking products in real-time based on raw material & semi-finished product costs. It also allows for quick, accurate and transparent cost estimates for production. It simplifies the management of inventory and provides critical and updated information about the number of items in stock. Additionally, it provides the ability to track production costs and the total cost associated with each product. This software is designed to reduce errors, improve workflow and reduce labour costs.


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For Us

Developing a robust cross-platform manufacturing cost estimating & inventory software with a real-time & prediction engine has been challenging for us. The system has been developed to work on Mac, Windows and Ubuntu systems.

The software is designed to provide reliable and accurate cost estimates for manufacturing components, as well as give users an insight into the inventory levels of the components in the system.

The software also features a real-time prediction engine that helps manufacturers identify trends and patterns in the cost estimate data. This helps them make informed decisions about the components they need to stock and when to order them.

The system also features a tracking feature that allows manufacturers to keep track of their inventory levels and the cost estimates for each component. This helps them monitor their inventory and make sure that they are stocked with the right components at the right time.

In addition, the software also features an automated ordering system that helps manufacturers automate the ordering process and make sure that they are always stocked with the components they need. This helps them save time and money by not having to manually order components.

Finally, the software is designed to be easy to use and intuitive. It is designed with an intuitive user interface that allows users to quickly navigate through the system with minimal effort. This makes it easier for users to understand how the system works and how to use it to its fullest potential.

Micro level estimating with real-time alerts and prediction increases profitability and efficiency

Mr Arjun is the owner of a privately held manufacturing company. The company engages in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of products which include Automotive Coatings, Industrial Coatings & more. He approached us for a solution which can provide real-time feedback on the profitability of final goods, based on raw materials, semi-finished goods and packaging costs.

After analyzing his requirements, we suggested he use our Costing and Profitability tool. This tool allows him to get real-time feedback on the profitability of final goods, based on raw materials, semi-finished goods and packaging costs. Additionally, it also provides him with insights on the most and least profitable products, so that he can take necessary steps to improve profitability.

Primary objective of our engagement

Our role was centred around converting the idea into a scalable solution. We looked over the entire design and development phase of this project. We developed a scalable infrastructure, developed a prediction engine, a real-time alert & notification mechanism and more.

We also developed a highly customised front-end interface, which allowed users to interact with the system in an intuitive and easy-to-use manner. We also enabled the integration of third-party services and APIs, which allowed the system to communicate with external sources of data.

In addition to this, we also developed a comprehensive analytics platform, which allowed the client to analyse and monitor the performance of the system in real-time. The platform also allowed the client to gain insights and make data-driven decisions to improve the overall performance of the system.

From Idea to Design

The design guideline was set with the intent to make the user experience simple and easy to use by the staff. We worked closely with the client to ensure a smooth transition between the different stages of the project.

We then optimized the system to make sure that the system can handle large data sets and provide accurate results in time. Furthermore, we developed a dashboard with analytics and reporting functionality to aid in decision-making.

Finally, we conducted user testing to ensure that the system is intuitive and easy to use. We also provided technical support and training to the staff to ensure their smooth transition to the new system.

From Design to Scalable Solution

Madgeek designed and developed an end-to-end cloud-based manufacturing cost-estimating software for Mr Arjun. Madgeek created a secured, scalable and robust software for estimating and predicting the cost of the final products based on raw materials and semi-finished items in real-time.

An admin system was developed to control the end-to-end operations and get timely information and reports. The secure database was created with an integrated system of data validation,error handling and backup systems.

The software featured a comprehensive dashboard to provide a bird’s eye view of the operations, and an advanced forecasting system to predict the cost of the final product.

The software also provided an interactive platform to compare cost assessments of different products and materials. The software was also integrated with a third-party interface to access manufacturing details and cost details.

The software was tested rigorously to ensure that it met the high standards set by Mr Arjun. Madgeek also provided extensive training and customer support to the users of the software.

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