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Doctor On Demand Healthcare Mobile App Development In India.

We are the top healthcare mobile app development company in India developing highly secured and robust healthcare solutions for startups and businesses. Our expert team of doctor-on-demand mobile app developers are equipped with the skill sets required to develop HIPAA-compliant healthcare solutions.


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Developing HIPAA compliant on demand healthcare mobile applications

Our doctor on demand mobile applications has reached to over thousands of users worldwide seeking doctor consultation.

We provide dynamic healthcare app and solutions for all healthcare professionals. We are developing healthcare solutions that are developed to bridge the gap between healthcare professionals and patients.

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We know what it takes to develop a certified doctor on demand healthcare mobile application

We develop highly secured and robust mobile infrastructure as recognised by health officials worldwide to help you solve unique healthcare problems with our quality medical healthcare mobile app design & development services.


We ensure our healthcare solutions comply international and local regulations and rules.


Patient records, basic information and diagnostic records are maintained with the highest level of security.


A healthcare solution should seamlessly work with interconnected devices and serveral other solutions to provide a holistic view.

Our android app development services helped Softenmind provide unmatched mental health services to their users.

We are proud to have helped Softenmind provide unmatched mental health services to their users with our android app development services. We understand the need for mental health services to be easily accessible, and our team of experienced developers worked hard to create an app that was user-friendly, secure and provided a seamless experience for the users. We incorporated features such as intuitive navigation, a secure payment gateway, and a variety of mental health resources to help users better manage their mental health. We also provided regular updates to ensure the app was up-to-date with the latest technologies and security standards. We are proud that our services have helped Softenmind provide top-notch mental health services to its users.

Looking for BetterHelp - Professional Therapy Clone?

Our mental health application script provides a comprehensive solution for enhancing mental well-being. With a user-friendly interface and evidence-based techniques, the app empowers individuals to prioritize their mental health and well-being in today’s fast-paced digital world. From personalized therapy workbooks and relaxation exercises to virtual support, it offers a holistic approach to mental wellness, helping individuals live a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Our on demand healthcare mobile app development services

We offer a wide range of HIPAA-compliant medical mobility health solutions. We have delivered a wide range of mHealth solutions.

Electronic health record

We develop a highly secured healthcare record system that provides visibility and easy integration with existing systems.


As a part of the system, we develop mobile prescribing apps to store and manage health records.

Lifestyle tracking

Developing apps that monitor and track health activities and daily habits. The data sets are used to provide custom recommendations and feedback for a healthy lifestyle.

On-Demand healthcare mobile app features

Secure User Authentication

The app should allow secure and easy authentication of existing users and provide a registration process for new users.

Dashboard/Home Page

A dashboard should be included to provide users with personalized health information and other relevant details.

Appointment Scheduling

The app should allow users to search for healthcare providers and book appointments with them.

Health Records

The app should allow users to store and access their health records in a secure way.


A messaging feature should be included to allow users to communicate with their healthcare providers.

Payment Processing

The app should allow users to make payments for their medical services.

Medication Management

The app should allow users to manage their medications and set reminders for taking them.


The app should send users notifications about their health, upcoming appointments, and other important information.

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