Trusted Bespoke Software & eCommerce Solution Developers

Trusted Bespoke Software & eCommerce Solution Developers.

Ecommerce mobile application design and development company in India.

We offer the best quality and robust e-commerce mobile application design and development company in India.


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Madgeek guarantees a robust and efficient mobile app

Inspired by your creativity, we build tools that take your idea and bring it to the real world. With a wide range of capabilities and expertise in our team, Madgeek provides you with the best possible mobile app development services to launch your business and make it reach new heights.

Our clientele includes companies from diverse verticals such as health, entertainment, retail, education, and more across the US, UK and Europe.

We use the latest mobile app development technologies & frameworks to develop robust, secure and engaging mobile applications at a record-breaking speed.

Madgeek is a leading mobile app development company in India, with a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals. Our apps have helped businesses to drive more customers, generate leads and improve sales. We are known for our uniqueness in high-quality web solutions, creative design and robust backend frameworks.

Our mobile app development services helped MyBuildify Solutions Pvt. Ltd. connect thousands of dealers to hundreds of manufacturers.

The app was designed to foster business relationships and create a platform for the two entities to communicate effectively. The app also provided tools and features to track past prices of TMT bars, manage RFQs, manage orders, and provide feedback. As a result, MyBuildify Solutions was able to increase its customer base and provide better services to its users.

Our eCommerce services helped Stargazer Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in becoming the #1 D2C marketplace

At Madgeek, we provide end-to-end eCommerce websites and eCommerce mobile application development services, tailored exclusively to solve your unique business challenges. We use modern technologies to build secure and scalable solutions.

We have built a strong background in eCommerce web apps and eCommerce mobile app development. Our team has extensive working experience in all major eCommerce frameworks and platforms including custom tech stacks.

Release your mobile app at a record-breaking speed with our simple yet efficient process

We can develop your business or enterprises concept into an efficient, reliable, user-friendly product. Mobile application development is our area of expertise, which helps create a seamless, robust and secure product. We pride ourselves on providing you with a modern, state-of-the-art design with unmatched efficiency.

We kick off every project with an interview to better understand your business and expectations of the end product. We develop apps with a practical approach that maximizes engagement and ROI.


We analyze the requirements for possible recommendations.

UI/UX Design

Sketch, wireframing, concept design, UI design & visual.


Create frameworks, define network layer, database layer.


The development includes frontend development, functionality development, 3rd party services integration, backend development, and testing.

Quality check

The quality check includes functional, usability and performance testing on devices.

App submission

App submission includes store listing & graphics, post submission testing.

Post launch

Crash report monitor and fixing, app marketing support

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