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TinkerSale - Community Driven Classified Ads E-commerce Marketplace Website In India

TinkerSale is India’s first community-driven classifieds marketplace that connects buyers and sellers across the country. It is a marketplace for pre-owned goods that are gently used, refurbished, or even brand new. It provides a safe, secure, and convenient way for people to buy and sell their products.

TinkerSale has a wide selection of products ranging from apparel and accessories to electronics and furniture. It also has extensive categories for both buyers and sellers, allowing them to easily find what they are looking for.

The mission of TinkerSale is to make buying and selling easier and more accessible for everyone. It strive to bring their customers the best shopping experience possible and make sure that they are happy with their purchase. It also work hard to ensure that all of our products are of the highest quality and are sold at fair prices.


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For Us

TinkerSale was extremely challenging as the portal offers a wide range of advanced and complex features, accounting and reporting. The target audience is less tech-savvy because of this we had to ensure the user-friendliness of the portal.

The most difficult part of the project was to set up the complex and intricate accounting and financial reporting system, which was essential for the success of the portal. We had to ensure that all the transactions were accounted for accurately and that the reports were generated accurately.

We also had to ensure that the portal was secure and that all the customer data was kept confidential. We had to implement a secure authentication system and set up a firewall to protect the portal from any malicious attacks.

We also had to ensure that the user experience was smooth and that the customers could easily navigate the portal to find the products they wanted. We had to design the UI/UX to make the portal more user-friendly and intuitive.

Overall, TinkerSale was a very challenging project but the rewarding project as we were able to deliver a successful and secure portal for our clients.

A Community Driven Largest Classified Ads Marketplace

Curiouscat Technologies Pvt. Ltd. provides a platform for home-based sellers to showcase their products and services online and to interact with buyers. It also provides buyers with a unique shopping experience with features such as Buy & Sell using Messenger & bargain, community, collection, and seller shop.

The platform offers a safe and secure payment system, with detailed product descriptions and reviews. It also provides buyers with the option to bargain with sellers, as well as discounts and offers. It also features a community section, where buyers and sellers can interact and discuss products and services. Additionally, it provides buyers with the option to create collections which they can share with others. Finally, it allows sellers to create their shops, where they can showcase their products and services.

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Primary objective of our engagement

The primary objective of our engagement with Curiouscat Technologies Pvt. Ltd is to help them develop their platform further, in order to increase their user base and reach a wider audience. Our main focus will be on developing the product and user experience, as well as increasing the conversion rate.

We will also be working with them to create content and campaigns, develop search engine optimization strategies, and optimize their website for mobile devices. We will also provide them with data analysis to help them better understand their target audience and the performance of their campaigns.

From Idea to Design

The development team was responsible for building the product. This included coding the product, testing the product, and deploying the product. The development team was also responsible for maintaining the product and ensuring that it was always uptodate.

The marketing team was responsible for promoting the product. This included creating marketing materials, conducting market research, and managing customer relationships. The marketing team was also responsible for ensuring that the product was available to the customers.

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Tools, Technology & Frameworks

From Design to Scalable Solution

Madgeek designed and developed an end-to-end cloud-based classified ads marketplace platform for Curiouscat Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Madgeek created a reliable, scalable and robust classified ads marketplace platform with apps for users and dashboards for owners and shops.

The admin system was developed to control the end-to-end operations and get timely information and reports. The apps developed by Madgeek allowed users to log in, search for listings and post ads. The system also enabled payment gateway integration, automated email notifications and real-time chat support.

The process of setting up listings was made simple with easy-to-use tools and integrated search engine optimization tools. The system also included analytics and reporting features, allowing the owners to get insights into user behaviour and performance.

The platform was designed to scale with ease and was tested extensively to ensure high performance and reliability. The project has been successfully delivered and the client can maximize their ROI with the help of the new platform.

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