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Effort Tracking Software - R&D Team Effort & Project Budget Tracking for Enterprise

At Madgeek, our commitment to innovation is exemplified in our transformative collaboration with a prominent publicly listed company. Through the implementation of our cutting-edge efficiency and budget-tracking software with automated flows, we achieved a remarkable 90% reduction in paper trails. This revolutionary change has had a profound impact on the transparency, audit compliance and simplicity of operations within their R&D and Finance departments.


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The challenge presented by the enterprise was twofold. Firstly, they grappled with an antiquated project budgeting system, relying on a legacy tool with a deficient approval process. Team members logged their efforts, and approvals were predominantly managed through emails, necessitating manual updates by the system admin. This convoluted method led to significant time inefficiencies and multiple back-and-forths.

Secondly, the monthly reporting process involved manual downloads and consolidation of data into a yearly Excel sheet by the admin, introducing inaccuracies, error susceptibility, and compliance concerns. Our intervention aimed to streamline and automate this cumbersome procedure.

Our tailored solution introduced a paradigm shift. Team members now log their project efforts directly into the system, where managers and functional heads seamlessly approve or make adjustments within the hierarchical structure. The system meticulously maintains audit logs, ensuring traceability and compliance. At the end of each month, an automated report is generated, undergoing a finance approval workflow before being forwarded to the finance team. This comprehensive transformation eradicated manual inefficiencies, enhanced accuracy, and fortified audit compliance.

Transforming with Technology: Empowering an Enterprise

The company grappled with a non-optimized system for project budgeting, marked by inaccuracies, a lack of traceability, and audit compliance issues. Recognizing these challenges, we intervened to automate the entire process. In the revamped system, employees seamlessly log their project efforts, while managers and functional heads engage in an approval or adjustment workflow based on the organisational hierarchy. Crucially, the system meticulously maintains audit logs, providing a transparent trail of actions taken.

By the end of each month, the automated system generates a comprehensive report. This report undergoes a finance approval workflow before being transmitted to the finance team. This transformation not only rectified the inaccuracies and inefficiencies of the previous manual processes but also fortified the company’s audit compliance, providing a seamless and accurate solution tailored to the unique demands of a publicly listed entity.

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Primary objective of our engagement

The primary objective of our collaboration was clear – to bring about a substantial reduction in the paper trail while enhancing operational efficiency. Our efficiency and budget tracking software became the linchpin for achieving this objective.

Key Highlights:

Streamlined Processes: Our initiative drove a significant overhaul of the company’s operations, resulting in an impressive 90% reduction in paper documentation. This shift not only advanced their commitment to eco-friendliness but also introduced a highly efficient and streamlined workflow. By digitising and automating various processes, from document creation to approval workflows, we eliminated the inefficiencies associated with manual, paper-dependent systems. This move not only contributed to a more sustainable footprint but also enhanced operational speed and accuracy, marking a notable improvement in overall efficiency. Moreover, this transition to a paperless environment established a streamlined and efficient workflow. Tasks that once required extensive manual handling and physical paperwork now seamlessly navigate through digital channels, enhancing speed, accuracy, and overall operational effectiveness.

Improved Transparency and Efficiency: The implementation of our advanced software had a transformative impact on transparency and efficiency, particularly within the R&D and Finance departments. It went beyond merely reducing paperwork, fundamentally altering how data was accessed, processed, and utilised, leading to simplified day-to-day operations, enhanced audit compliance, and more informed strategic decision-making. This comprehensive approach not only streamlined processes but also ensured a robust adherence to audit standards, reinforcing the integrity and reliability of the company’s data and financial practices.

From Idea to Design

The inception of our efficiency and budget tracking software was rooted in a thorough understanding of our client’s unique needs and challenges. Recognizing the complexity of their operations, we engaged in extensive consultations and assessments to gain insights into the intricacies of their existing processes. Our team collaborated closely with key stakeholders to ensure that every facet of the software aligned seamlessly with the client’s operational objectives.

During the ideation phase, we prioritised user-centric design, envisioning an interface that would be intuitive and efficient for all levels of users within the organisation. We conducted usability studies and gathered feedback iteratively to refine our initial concepts. This collaborative approach allowed us to integrate user preferences and real-world workflows into the software’s design.

To enhance the software’s adaptability, we embraced a modular design approach. This ensured that the system could be easily configured and customised to meet evolving business needs.

From Design to Scalable Solution

Our commitment to delivering more than just an effective solution is evident in the scalability of our software. As the software was implemented to address the immediate challenges faced by the enterprise, we strategically architected the system to accommodate future growth seamlessly.

The scalability of our solution is multifaceted. First, we ensured that the software could handle increased data volumes and additional users without compromising performance. Our design choices were deliberate in facilitating scalability. By adopting industry-standard frameworks and technologies, we ensured that the software architecture was robust and adaptable. This not only minimised the potential for bottlenecks but also facilitated a smooth transition during subsequent phases of expansion.

Moreover, our ongoing partnership model includes provisions for continuous updates and enhancements. Regular feedback loops and proactive communication with the client allow us to stay attuned to their evolving needs, ensuring that the software remains a dynamic and scalable solution, poised for sustained success.

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