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Pocketbill Merchant - Inventory and Digital Ledger Service

Inventory and digital ledger service mobile app designed for small Shopkeepers and Kirana owners to manage credit and debit transactions.

Digitizing MSME with mobile and digital technology. Enabling mobile platforms to help small Shopkeepers and Kirana owners manage credit and debit transactions, create and share bills to customers.

Vendor Compliance Management Software

The ultimate solution to manage vendor master data and compliance documents for companies and suppliers.

Vendor compliance software helping the client maintain the vendor master data and compliance documents. With advanced reporting, alerts and notification, LDAP and SAML SSO integration the software provides complete visibility on the suppliers' levels of compliance with statutory, legal and technical requirements.

Purchase Requisition Management Software

The software helped client automate and streamline the procurement process with simplified and interactive interface.

Digitizing the entire procurement process, which helped the client in eliminating paperwork, transparency in the entire process and increased productivity. A comprehensive purchase requisition system with advanced reporting, LDAP & SAML SSO integrations.

CrazyPi - Raspberry Pi, Arduino and IoT Chipset, Sensors Online Portal

Raspberry Pi, Arduino, sensors and other IoT chipsets selling eCommerce website in Bangalore India with 100% genuine imported latest and modern chipsets, sensors and IoT toolkits.

The client selling IoT chipsets, products, sensors, raspberry pi, Arduino boards and more in Bangalore India. CrazyPi is the first choice for home automation and latest IoT sensors and chipsets in Bangalore India.

Buyjama - Multi Branded Fashion Ecommerce Website

No. 1 Sri Lankan fashion eCommerce website with many international fashion brands.

An influencer based multi-branded fashion eCommerce website with hundreds of international brands. Buyjama is fashion and apparel eCommerce website with a modern and user-friendly interface designed to drive growth.

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