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Top 5 tools every D2C brand needs to ensure growth

It’s no secret that running a manufacturing business is a tough job. You spend hours upon hours working with customers and suppliers, you deal with the unexpected, and you don’t know if any of your staff will be around at the end of the month. Luckily, each day offers new opportunities for improvement. That’s why it is important that the key stakeholders have a complete overview of the business.

A typical sales flow of a D2C brand may look as shown in the diagram below.  Teams maintain records in notepads, calendars, memo books, and other outdated systems for tracking sales or customer-related data.  

Flow may differ brand-to-brand

When people are buying your product or service, you want them to feel good and have a positive experience. A customer who feels good and has a positive experience is a customer that will come back again and again and refer other people to your brand. It’s important for d2c brands to have a customer experience which is designed with the needs of the digitally native customer in mind. In the clutter of your own organizational processes, this is often missed.

In this article, we will cover the following points:

  1. Benefits of digital transformation for D2C brands.
  2. Top 5 tools for D2C brands to ensure growth

Benefits of digital transformation for D2C brands

Enhanced data collection

Previously, manufacturers would have relied on retailers and distributors to create the ‘shop window’ for their products. A D2C approach means this will lie with them. In terms of the product data, there will be a much higher level of control. They can choose the specific details they want their products to be associated with.

This also means manufacturers can provide a deeper, more granular layer of detail. This ultimately means customers have more confidence in their buying decisions. In addition to the product data, manufacturers will also have ownership over any data they collect from customers. Having this data will contribute a large amount towards improving the overall customer experience. You can tailor experiences accordingly by having a deeper insight into trends, behaviours, and product preferences.

Increased transparency

Shrinking budgets, many operational distractions, and debt all make it difficult to spend time looking at the evidence of your company. But an integrated system provides you with a key tool to see what’s important and focus on what matters. This paints a clearer picture of where you need to invest time and resources, or where you should cut back.

Better customer relationships

Having more data and insight is a key element of digital transformation. Equipped with this knowledge, manufacturers can show customers more personalized product information, as well as make adjustments that increase sales. With a digital-first approach, companies can also increase the efficiency at which they track campaigns.

Well-managed email campaigns

Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies. Massive mailouts may still surprise you with performance – you just need to make sure email campaigns are hyper-personalized and reach the recipients’ inboxes at the right time.

A digital system helps you automate the process, sets up automated drip campaigns and sends out the personalized emails of each prospect at the perfect time based on the information and tags that have been collected. It offers email tracking functionality so that you could measure the performance of email campaigns.

Increased transparency

One of the biggest benefits of implementing a digital tool into your business operations is the dramatic improvement in efficiency. The way your employees communicate from department to department, the continuous flow of data across the organization, the seamless transition from phase to phase over the lifetime of the customer – all of these benefits add up to a more efficient business process that can save time, money, and resources.

Top 5 tools for D2C brands to ensure growth

Customer relationship management tool

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a technology for managing all your company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers.

  1. HubSpot
  2. Zoho CRM
  3. FreshSales

Email marketing & automation tool

Email automation is a process where you send targeted email campaigns to your customers through a pre-built and self-operating system.

Abandoned cart recovery tool

Abandoned cart recovery is a problem that has been plaguing eCommerce retailers from the outset. A combination of strategies that work best for your business will allow you to attain the two-fold goal of preventing mass cart abandonment and converting shoppers who abandon carts into loyal customers.

Personalized offers tool

Take your coupon marketing to the next level! Offer personalized coupons to all of your site’s traffic and help them redeem the offer with less friction!

Omni-channel customer service tool

Omnichannel customer service is assistance and advice for customers across a seamless and integrated network of devices and touchpoints. Businesses with robust omnichannel customer service can maintain consistently great experiences for their customers regardless of the communication channel.


In today’s dynamic and constantly shifting business landscape, there are several possible reasons why a company may need to perform a complete overhaul of its products, services, or business model. Business transformation, also known as digital transformation (DX), comprises a wide variety of changes put in place to help a company or organization run more efficiently.

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