Offshore Software Development in India

2020/01/20 15:28:28

Offshore Software Development in India
Offshore Software Development in India

Offshore software development is outsourcing tasks to a third-party software agency or developer(s). Such services may include web development, web app development, mobile app development, etc. Typically, a partner company providing development is from a foreign country.

Offshore Outsourcing can be done in different ways:

  • To individual developer or an agency;
  • Delegating the whole project or only certain parts/features;
  • Hire a dedicated team of developers.

Depending on the nature of the engagement or project, the above can be addressed. If you are thinking, how do I determine what should be my ideal fit, ask yourself these questions :

  • How complex is the project?
  • Does it require expertise from multiple domains or technologies?
  • Which fragment of the total project you are willing to outsource?
  • What's the project timeline?
  • Do you have the blueprint of the complete project that you are planning to outsource?

With the above questions answered, you might have a clear overview of what is the right fit for you. We Madgeek Pvt Ltd, are a team of professional software developers experienced with all modern technologies.

Madgeek Pvt Ltd (Madgeek) is a software development company headquartered in Bangalore India with over 10 years of domain expertise. With a team of highly experienced software developers and programmers, state-of-the-art infrastructure, advanced software, and modern facilities, we have the capability to develop customized software across different platforms for a global audience as per your unique requirements.

We provide three different types of outsourcing models.

  • Fixed Design & Development Cost: If you have a short-term project, has a well-defined scope and all requirements are clear than our fixed cost software outsourcing model is best suitable. We guarantee on-time delivery of software as per requirements and development cost, which were predefined.
  • Time & Material: Clients whose requirements regularly changes and wants dedicated developers to work only on a single project, our time and material model is the best fit. In this model, there is flexibility for the client to add or remove resources as per fluctuation in requirements.
  • Dedicated Development Team: This model is best suited for clients with a large project in which requirements change as per time and business modal. Dedicate software development team is the best suitable for custom software development and mission-critical projects.

Our team of experts will be able to help you decide the best option for your offshore software development project.